A little velvet sofa

Red Velvet Sofa - Yorkshire Velvet

I’ve been involved with the world of luxury holiday cottages in Yorkshire for the last 10 years. As the founder of Yorkshire’s first booking agent focusing solely on top end cottages, we worked with some fantastic owners and beautiful properties over the years.

The dream has always been to develop our own cottages. To find gorgeous Yorkshire properties and transform them into truly unique and 5 Star escapes. In 2019 we decided to sell our original business and launched Yorkshire Velvet in the same year.

The inspiration for the name came from my little red velvet sofa from sofa.com! It’s one of my favourite pieces of furniture with its bright rhubarb red colour and sumptuous fabric. It just demands attention.

Velvet is one of those indulgent materials that exude luxury and elegance. It has a classic timeless appeal but can also be edgy and contemporary. Exactly the look we’re hoping to achieve with our refurbished Yorkshire Cottages.

Part of our brand identity will be to include a piece of velvet furniture in every cottage. That might be an armchair, sofa or bed. Watch this space!